$1 For One Ministry

What the ministry is about:

$1 for One is a branch of New Hope's outreach ministry where we each have an opportunity to give one extra dollar, separate from our weekly offering, in order to bless someone in our community by meeting a known need.  These individual $1's are combined together for one month and given as a gift to someone who has been nominated as a recipient.  In giving these gifts, we are saying to the recipients that "God loves you and cares about your needs and so do we!"

The following are guidelines for nominations for the$1 for One gift.

1.  Lives in the community or surrounding area.

2.  To the best of our knowledge does not have a life changing relationship with God.

3.  Does not attend New Hope or any other church.

4.  Is a friend or acquaintance with someone who DOES attend New Hope.  (The person or family that     nominates the individual is the one who delivers the gift.)

These $1 for One gifts have served as blessings not only to the recipients, but also to the "givers"!   We encourage you to be looking for those around you in your community, workplace or school, who may not only have a financial need but perhaps more importantly,  a need to know the love of God.

Nomination forms are by the $1 for One boxes at the back of the sanctuary and the chapel by each exit.  (Add on-line when available) 

Our prayer is that this ministry will be and effective way to reach "OUT" to those around us with the love of Jesus, and to bring Him glory, honor and praise, as we follow His command to "Love one another."

Click below for nomination form