May Announcements

"Pursing God For The Benefit Of Others, Being The Church Wherever We Do Life"

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These are the three categories we want each Christian to live their lives as disciples.

Up: Our relationship with God
In: Our relationship with other Christians
Out: Our relationship with those who don't know Jesus yet

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New hope in 5

After each service, we will have someone to let you know what New Hope is about in less than 5 minutes. This is also a great time to ask any questions you have or would like to meet some of the staff.


This ministry is asking for an extra dollar each week above your normal tithe. The money is only used to help those in our community that don't go to church here or have a church home. You may nominate someone that you know that needs helped by contacting the members of this ministry at;


Graduate Recognition

We will be honoring our graduating seniors on the weekend of May 20 & 21 with a video in our announcements. Please email an electronic copy of your senior picture, along with your name and school name. College students, please submit your name, degree and college attended.

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sermons online

You can keep up with any sermons you've missed or would like to watch again. You can go to the sermon page on our website and click the YouTube or audio link.