Our Vision for Families

WE LOVE KIDS! Our goal for families is that parents develop within their children a foundation of God-spoken truths that will prepare them for their next season of life. To help with this, we offer programming that allows the church to come along side parents, providing them with the tools and tips they need to have gospel-oriented conversations with their children. We look forward to connecting with you and your family!

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Sunday   Programming

NURSERY/CHILDCARE (0 - 5yrs) IS DURING THE 8:30a & 10:30a Services



If you have questions, please see 'additional information' towards the bottom of this page. Or you can call or email us at the church office.

Additional Information

Partnering with Parents: 'AT HOME WEEKLY'

Faith starts at home. Because of this, we know that we need to give parents practical tools to guide faith conversations at home. The first tool is the 'At Home Weekly', provided in the Tru Curriculum by David C Cook. This weekly resource helps parents initiate and lead meaningful faith conversations based on that week's lesson from the Bible. By using the 'At Home Weekly', parents get the opportunity of starting the faith conversation for that week. The weekly conversation then comes to an end at New Hope Kids on Sunday morning. With a new 'At Home Weekly' posted in the building each week, this is a great resource for starting a routine of talking about your faith with your children. Stop by and grab one when you pick up your kids!

Partnering with Parents - Pastoral Support

If you are ever in need of prayer and Biblical guidance in your role as a parent or spouse, please do not hesitate to contact one of the pastors at New Hope. We are here to help you discern God's direction for your life and the life of your family.

New Hope Kids - Age Groups

Nursery/Childcare: For children up through 5-years-old. Early Learners (AKA eLearners): For children 4yrs - Kindergarten. - If group size allows, this group will be split into PreK & K. Kid Zone: For children 1st - 5th grade. - This large group is broken down into 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, & 5th.

Children in the Main Worship Service

We believe that one of the greatest things we can do as a church is encourage regular family worship. From a young age, children are learning from what they see and hear. We want children to see and hear their parents, grandparents, and other adults worshipping God on a regular basis. This will help set a foundation of worship and admiration for the things of God. Because of this, we want parents to know that their ENTIRE family is welcome in the main worship service. For families with very young children or children who aren't quite ready to sit through the main service, we do offer nursery programming (0-5yrs) during both worship services.

Curriculum Choices: TRU by David C Cook

Nursery Starting in the fall of 2021, we began using the preschool curriculum produced by DiscipleLand. We chose this curriculum for two main reasons. First, the curriculum is designed to lay a foundation of truth about who God is and what God does. Second, the lessons are designed to be simple to implement. Third, through various materials and take-home sheets, DiscipleLand creates numerous resources designed to support and equip parents during this foundational season of life. Children's Classes (4yr - 5th Grade) In 2018 we began using the TRU Curriculum by David C Cook. We chose this curriculum for three reasons. First, the curriculum makes a point of going through the entire redemptive storyline of scripture every year. Second, the main point of each lesson focuses squarely on the character of God revealed throughout scripture. Lastly, the curriculum assumes that parents are involved in the spiritual formation of their children.