Our Vision for Families

At New Hope, our ministry to families is built around the principle that God designed parents to be the primary spiritual influence/leader in the life of their child(ren). Our programs are designed to reinforce this principle for both children and parents. Click the link below to learn more about this vision. 


In MIDDLE SCHOOL (Collide Jr), many students begin to find themselves faced with questions and life circumstances previously hidden from their view. Because of this, we believe it is healthy to see students start asking questions about the meanings of their faith. At New Hope, our goal is to reinforce the teachings of parents; helping students begin to understand the meaning of what they previously learned while giving them guided opportunities to live out their faith. 

Most  HIGH SCHOOL (Collide) students experience a type of freedom that was still absent during middle school. In this freedom, the voice of popular culture calls students towards immediate pleasure and personal satisfaction. This, however, is the opposite of what Jesus calls us to and it ultimately does not lead to real and lasting satisfaction. Instead, we are most satisfied when God is most glorified through us. At New Hope, we want to work in conjunction with parents to see high school students begin to seek after God and His leading in deeper personal devotion to him.

Sunday (Middle School Bible Study) @ 9:00a

Wednesday (Collide & Collide Jr.) @ 6:30p  during school year

Collide & Collide Jr. are the youth programs for middle and high school students at New Hope. Both are designed to meet each age group where they are at in life. Beyond having fun together (which we do a lot of!), students are given the opportunity to grow in their faith as they ask questions, challenge each other, and share their faith with peers. 

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College Students are at a unique crossroads in life. You are asking big, life-altering questions of yourself. What do I do? Where do I live? Who do I marry? And a lot of times it is without the comfort of your family for the first time in your life. Are you a college student, new graduate, or young professional looking to start a group with others in the same boat? Would you like help and guidance in answering these questions? Click below to show your interest in attending and/or leading such a group.