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23 Days of Prayer

October 11 - November 3

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We are inviting everyone in the New Hope Family to take time for prayer and fasting during our 23 Days of Prayer. We want to stir up a hunger and thirst for righteousness and seek God for His wisdom, His will, and His ways.

The church is undergoing a reshaping - a reformation of sorts. We should lean into it, because this is a pivotal season for New Hope, and indeed, for the American church.

For these three weeks (October 11 - November 3), we will take a posture of humility and dependence on God. There are a few simple steps you can take to be part of our 23 Days of Prayer.



  1. Pray every day about how you can follow the WAYS of JESUS

  2. Choose a fasting schedule to reinforce your spiritual hunger

  3. Find someone to pray FOR and find someone to pray WITH


See the links below for additional resources as you prepare for the 23 Days of Prayer.